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120th Anniversary Fund

The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused various environmental and circumstantial changes both within Kobe University and beyond. In order to respond to these new challenges efficiently, we have reorganized the fund’s framework. The new system will make the anniversary fund more effective in terms of advancing Kobe University's research and education, providing various types of invaluable support to students, improving our international presence, and making a stronger impact on society.

Consequently, we are focusing on cultivating ‘profound knowledge’ and ‘outstanding innovators’ by improving our research and study environments, and our overall infrastructure to best support current and future generations of students and staff. In order to achieve these important aims and realize our vision of becoming a ‘global hub for the multidisciplinary co-creation of education and research’, we require your generous support.

Name Kobe University 120th Anniversary Fund
Main subject Kobe University
Period Until March 31, 2024
Target amount 3 billion yen

120th Anniversary Fund

The 120th Anniversary Fund Project will support research activities that aim to cultivate ‘profound knowledge’. We aim to achieve this by integrating and crossing disciplines and systemizing advanced technologies.

The fund will also improve our educational activities, which focus on fostering highly motivated ‘outstanding innovators’ who aim to innovate and create new values.

In addition, it will support projects that strive to improve various aspects of the University’s facilities in order to make our concept of a ‘global hub for the multidisciplinary co-creation of research and education’ into a reality.

This fund will strengthen the financial basis for the University’s varied activities, enabling us to improve study and research environments, subsidize overseas study and dispatch, increase the number of international students accepted, support career development at our Tokyo Office, and enhance subsidization and support systems for aspects of campus life.

Study Support Fund

This fund will provide emergency scholarships for students who have difficulty attending school or paying living expenses due to an accident or disaster, as well as for new first-year students with excellent grades who have difficulties continuing their studies due to their economic circumstances.

Other Projects

We are also allocating donations to the projects of the faculties, graduate schools and affiliated schools, hospital and centers. *If you wish to donate specifically to one of the following projects, please get in touch with the contact person listed in the table.