Kobe Opportunities for EU-Japan Research Collaboration
Kobe University, RIKEN, and European Institutes

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Greetings from Kobe University and RIKEN,

Are you interested in learning about contents and collaboration opportunities for cutting-edge computational sciences and/or place-based research and innovation with a focus on disaster/resource management? Then join us at our joint Kobe University-RIKEN conference and briefing on 5 July 2022 in Brussels.

Kobe has developed as one of the main Japanese trading port cities, acting as one of the key gateways into Japan, with a resolutely international outlook. Against this historical background, ('Kobe' means 'door to God' in Japanese), Kobe University, one of the leading national universities in Japan, has been active in its cooperation with universities and research institutions in Europe. Illustrating this priority towards Europe, it was the first Japanese university to establish a representative office in Brussels more than a decade ago. It organises, in particular, a yearly international symposium in connection with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, to foster high-level dialogue between EU and Japanese policy makers and scientists.

RIKEN is Japan's world-class science institute that covers a wide range of scientific domains. RIKEN has developed a strong research bases in Kobe for computational sciences and biosystems dynamics research, where extensive exchanges and collaboration with European partners are taking place. RIKEN opened its European office in Brussels in 2018.

These commonalities have fostered active research collaboration between Kobe University and RIKEN and have resulted in a wide range of achievements. Given this history and track record, we cannot help but be grateful for the opportunities and enthusiasm for collaborative research that Kobe provides.

This joint event will highlight Kobe as THE place for research and innovation and present the opportunities for, and benefits of collaborative research that Kobe offers to European researchers.

We hope that this atmosphere of cooperation nurtured by Kobe will be an inspiration and provide an opportunity for many new collaborations between EU and Japanese scientists and research organisations to be born and develop.

Ken-ichi Yoshida, Professor, Graduate School of Science, Technology and Innovation, Kobe University;

Executive Director, Kobe University Brussels European Centre

Toshiyasu Ichioka, Director, RIKEN Europe Office, RIKEN


Registration: closed

For enquiries, please contact below:

Kobe University Brussels European Centre: intl-kobe_u_bxl [at] office.kobe-u.ac.jp
RIKEN Europe Office: riken_brussels [at] ml.riken.jp

Date and Time:
Tuesday, 5th July 2022, 9:00-13:30
L42 Business Center, Rue de la Loi 42, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
09:00-10:30 Session 1: Kobe as a leading base for computational sciences
Makoto Tsubokura, Kobe University and RIKEN (Japan)
Mario Rüttgers, Jülich Supercomputing Centre (Germany)
Alfonso Valencia, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain)
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:30 Session 2: Place-based innovation through international cooperation
Satoru Oishi, Kobe University and RIKEN (Japan)
Elpida Kolokytha, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki (Greece)
Audrey Gailler, Commissariat à l’énergie atomique (CEA-DAM/DIF) (France)
12:30-13:30 Networking lunch


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