Japanese Studies and Popular Culture Studies in Recent Europe

Official Opening Remarks
Professor Chiharu NAKAMURA, Executive Vice President, Kobe University
Introduction; Kobe–Oxford Japanology Program
Professor, Junko NAGANO, Head of the Program, Kobe University
Key Note "On Recent Trends in Japanese Studies"
Professor Roger Goodman, Oxford University

Discussion Papers

On the Relation between Recent Japanese Studies and Japanese Popular Culture
Professor Kiyomitsu YUI, Kobe University, Head, Japan Sub-Culture Studies Office
Japanese Studies and European Manga Network
Dr. Jean-Marie Bouissou, Sciences Po., and the Head, European Manga Network
Manga Studies in Belgium and Visual Language
Dr. Pascal Lefèvre, specialist of visual languages and history of comics
Animation Studies in Europe and Sociology
Dr. Marco Pellitteri
Japanese Animation and Robot
Dr. Cosima Wagner, Frankfurt University
Comparative Study in Popular Cultures in Germany and Japan
Dr. Julia Siep, Dusseldorf University
Gender and Sub-Cultures: On Cases of Japan and Asia
Dr. Nanako HAYAMI, Kobe University


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