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Discount Coupons for the Babysitter/Childcare Support Project

 We will distribute "Babysitter/Childcare Support Project Discount Coupons” to support the balance between childcare and work of our faculty and staff.

 This system is carried out using the "Discount Coupon for the Babysitter/Childcare Support Project" conducted by the All Japan Childcare Services Association under the commission of the Cabinet Office.

 These coupons are purchased upon your application at the expense of Gender Equality Office, please make sure to apply for the necessary number of coupons.

About 2020 Special Measures

Purpose of Special MeasuresThis Project supports our employees’ babysitter expenses if elementary schools or nursery schools are temporarily closed due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, and parents cannot take time off from work or use after-school children's clubs, etc.
The Number of Coupons
  • The maximum number of coupons per day: 5 per child
  • The maximum number of coupons per month: 120 coupons per month per household
  • The maximum number of coupons per year: No limitations
Eligible User
  • Those whom spouses are working or who are single parents or/and are disabled to continue working without using babysitters
  • Elementary schools and nursery schools are closed due to the coronavirus crisis.
Period of Special MeasuresUse after April 1, 2020 (the termination date is undecided)
  • If the reason such as school closing is not stated in the coupons, it will not be treated as a part of the special measure.
  • Coupons used as a special measure will be tax-exempt.

Reference: Cabinet Office "Outline of Special Measures [PDF]" (external link)

Overview (Regular Use)

Objectives Providing an environment that faculty and staff have a good balance between childrearing and work
Eligible Users Kobe University’s employees, including part-time of those who are insured by the mutual benefit association or employee's pension
Terms of Use
  • Those who have difficulties to work without using this support due to spouse's employment, illness, job hunting, attending school, vocational training, preparation for returning to work, etc., or being a single parent.
  • Provided support limited to babysitter agencies designated by the All Japan Childcare Services Association.
Eligible Children
  • Children from 0 year old to 3rd grade
  • Children up to the 6th grade and/or children with disabilities and who have been issued a rehabilitation certificate/nursing certificate
  • This Project is available only to preschoolers when the purpose of the use is "preparation for returning to work"
Services Covered by these Coupons
  • Childcare at users’ home
  • Pick-up and drop-off at home and childcare facilities

April 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021

* If the budget reaches its upper limit, the distribution of coupons will be terminated even within the designated period.

Discount Rates

2,200 yen per coupon

  • Service cost must be at least 2,200 yen per use (excluding membership fees, transportation fees, cancellation fees, insurance, etc.)
  • One discount coupon can be used per day for each child, up to 24 coupons per month, and up to 280 coupons per year per household. (Example: Three coupons can be used if all three children per household are eligible for this service)
  • The discount fee will be the income of the users and will be classified as "miscellaneous income" under the Income Tax Act.

How to Use

How to Use

Please make sure to read below

Babysitter Childcare Support Coupon Procedure [PDF]

Required Documents
  • A copy of the user’s contract with the babysitter agency
    It must be submitted when using this service for the first time in every fiscal year. It can be omitted when using the same agency for the second time.
  • Application Form

[When using this service as special measures]
Documents showing that schools have been temporarily closed (This is because it is necessary to state the reason for temporary closure etc. on coupons)

User Registration (for the first time)

Registration is required in advance to use this service.

1. Please check the usage procedure (PDF) and email the following items to Gender Equality Office. After confirming the contents of your registration, we will contact you.

 Subject: Babysitter Coupon Registration
 Contents: User name, staff number, full-time / part-time

Email Address:  gnrl-nursery* (Please replace the * with @ at E-mail adress.)

2. Please make a usage contract in advance with the babysitter agency from the list.

3. Please submit the "Application Form" and "a copy of a user’s contract with babysitter agency" to Gender Equality Office at least 7 business days before the scheduled date of use.

Application for Coupons (for the second and afterward)

Please email the application form to Gender Equality Office. Please do so at least 5 business days before the scheduled date of use. The subject of the email should be "Babysitter Coupon Application Form".

* Please submit a copy of the user’s contract when you change the babysitter agency.

FormBabysitter Coupon Application Form [Word]


Men Recipients Women Recipients The Number of Coupons
FY2019 2 5 397
FY2018 1 5 297
FY2017 2 6 200
FY2016 2 3 191
FY2015 1 7 229
FY2014 3 14 396
FY2013 5 15 549
FY2012 9 12 504
FY2011 6 11 505
FY2010 1 5 32