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Childrearing Support Program for Women and Men Researchers

The applications for FY 2020 are now closed.

 This program assigns supporting research staff, as part of the measure to provide an environment that researchers can balance raising children, research, and education.

 Due to a limited budget, we will select recipients of this support program from researchers raising under sixth-grade children, taking into account the following priority conditions.

 If you have any questions about the program and your eligibility, etc., please contact Gender Equality Office.

E-mail: gnrl-kyodo-sankaku*
Please replace the * with @ at E-mail adress.


ObjectivesProviding an environment that researchers can balance between work and raising children.
EligibilityFull-time researchers who raise children under sixth-grade.
Priority Conditions

・ Those who took maternity leave in the previous fiscal year.

・ Those who had taken childcare leave for three months or more in the previous fiscal year.

・ Those who are single parents and/or who do not live with their partner, and who have received no support from relatives nearby.

・ Those who teach a lot of lectures and practical training.

・ Those who have received this support fewer times.

The Number of RecipientsApproximately 10 researchers
About the Program

・The grant covers the employment expenses of a research support staff up to 150,000 yen including transportation fees.

Recipients can hire a research support staff (student assistants, research support students, Assistant Staff, Academic Research Assistants) and request your staff to do research support work such as experimental assistance, organizing collected literature and/or data. However, research support work should not relate to the research support staff’s theme of either bachelor’s, master's thesis, and doctoral dissertation. Recipients should select a research support staff on your own.

PeriodStarting in early August 2020 until the end of February 2020
* If you would like to receive this support before August, please indicate this in your application. This will be considered at the time of selection.
SelectionIn consideration of the above priorities, the Program Committee, which is composed of members of the Work and Life Balance Working Group of Supporting Faculty to Gender Equality Office, will select recipients by document screening. If the committee deems it necessary, additional inquiries, such as web interviews might be required.
Obligations of Recipients

・Recipients must submit a report on this researcher support program after the end of the support period (including feedback from research support staff, etc.).

・ Recipients are required to cooperate with survey requests from Gender Equality Office.

About Application

How to ApplyPlease submit the Application Form below to Gender Equality Office
Application Form

Attachment 1 " Application Form for Childrearing Support Program for Women and Men Researchers" [Word]

* Please set a password on your application form. 

Application PeriodJune 8th (Monday) -June 29th (Monday), 2020
Announcement of Selection ResultIt schedules for mid-July 2020
ContactGender Equality Office


Men Recipients Women Recipients Total Recipients
FY2020 6 11 17
FY2019 4 8 12
FY2018 4 8 12
FY2017 - - -
FY2016 7 18 25
FY2015 6 12 18
FY2014 1 14 15
FY2013 2 12 14
FY2012 3 13 16
FY2011 4 11 15
FY2010 3 10 13
FY2009 1 9 10
FY2008 1 3 4