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Babysitter/Childcare Subsidy System

 Gender Equality Office supports faculty and staffs’ balancing both childcare and work, and subsidizes part of the babysitter fees for those who need babysitting for sick, post-illness children, and childcare for nighttime and holidays. This System is implemented by Kobe University concluding a corporate contract with a babysitter company. If you would like to receive this support, please refer to the instructions and submit your application. In fiscal 2020, we conclude a contract with Mother Net Co., Ltd.

 See below for details.


Objectives Providing an environment that faculty and staff have a good balance between childrearing and work
Prospective Users

Faculty and staff who meet all following requirements

  • Raising preschool-aged children
  • Full-time or part-time employees (limited to those who have at least 40 hours per week of labor contracts)
  • Not receiving the spousal deduction
Available Services

For All Users

  • Weekdays from 7:00 to 23:00 : Babysitting for sick and post-illness children
  • Weekdays from 18:00 to 23:00

* At least 2 hours per babysitting
* Additional charges may apply depending on the time of day (covered by the user)

For Users with Work Orders at Nights and Holidays

  • Weekdays from 18:00 to 23:00
  • Holidays from 7: 00 to 23:00

* A prior application or a work order document must be submitted.

The Number of Hours Available (for subsidies)

For All Users

Up to 40 hours per year for each user
* For more than 40 hours, you can still use the same babysitting service at your own expense.

For Users with Work Orders at Nights and Holidays

You must submit an application for each time and you can use the number of babysitting hours approved by Gender Equality Office.
*The babysitting hours because of your work ordered at nights and/or holidays are not included in the upper limit of 40 hours for regular use.

Fees Covered by a User (tax excluded)

For All Users

・Full-time employees
Basic fee; 910 yen per hour + babysitter's transportation fee + insurance fee
・Part-time employees
Basic fee; 455 yen per hour + babysitter’s transportation fee + insurance fee

* Half price will be added for the second and more children
* Extra charges and cancellation charges other than the basic charge are paid by a user
* If you use the babysitting service at your own expense: Basic fee 2,384 yen per hour + babysitter’s transportation fee + insurance fee

For Users with Work Orders at Nights and Holidays

All fees are covered by the University
* The University will bear all usage fees, but the user will pay the babysitter’s transportation expense in advance on the site, and later it will be paid by the University. Please be sure to receive the receipt from a babysitter’s transportation fee and send it to Gender Equality Office within 3 days from the date of use. Details of the procedure will be notified after submission of the application. Please note that if you do not submit the receipt by the deadline, you may be responsible for the cost.


April 2020 - the end of March of 2020

* The service may be terminated when the annual budget of this System is reached.

How to Use

User Registration (for the first time)

Prior registration is required.
Please contact Gender Equality Office by emails and include the items below.

Subject: Application for babysitter registration
Contents: User name, staff number, full-time / part-time

 Email Address:  gnrl-nursery* (Please replace the * with @ at E-mail adress.)

User's Guide

For details of this System, please check the user’s guide below.

User’s guide to subsidize part of the babysitter dispatch fee [PDF]


Work Order Form [Word]

(You may submit any work order formats, please download above if necessary)

ContactGender Equality Office

[Request for Users]
Please kindly return the survey questionnaire to Gender Equality Office which plans to conduct it at the end of the fiscal year.


Men Recipients Women Recipients Total usage time
FY2019 1 7 50.5
FY2018 1 7 34.5
FY2017 2 16 191
FY2016 4 38 114.5
FY2015 3 30 142
FY2014 3 30 131.75
FY2013 2 31 149.5
FY2012 3 21 233
FY2011 1 13 66.75