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Message from the President


Kobe University Brussels European Centre (KUBEC) was established in September 2010. It was the first overseas office of a Japanese university to be located in Brussels, Belgium.

Founded at the dawn of the 20th century, Kobe University is a relatively new institution compared to many of the esteemed universities in Europe. However, as a university located in one of the most prominent port cities that connects Japan to the rest of the world, we are proud to have fostered many talented scholars and business people who have played active roles internationally, and to have produced a wealth of advanced research that ranks alongside that of leading universities.

As globalisation increases in the 21st century, it is vital that all universities enhance their facilities and promote international collaboration in both education and research. Kobe University will "play the role of a key institute for international academic exchange and collaboration” as stated in our Charter on Research. With these ideals in mind, we are aiming to become a worldwide hub in order to enhance our international competitiveness in education and research. We will achieve this by developing our own original projects as well as promoting international mobility for students and researchers to enable them to further their studies and research on a global level.

Based upon these principles, KUBEC was established with the aim of enhancing international, interdisciplinary collaboration in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and bio-medical sciences between Kobe University and European universities and research institutes.

President, Kobe University

Message from the Executive Director

Kazunari SAKAI

Brussels is located in the heart of Europe, between the driving forces behind the European Union Germany and France. The capital city of Belgium, Brussels also functions as the de facto capital of the EU, home to core institutions such the European Commission and the Council of the European Union.

In this de facto capital of the EU, Kobe University launched its Kobe University Brussels European Centre (KUBEC) in 2010. This was the first attempt by a Japanese university to establish an office in Brussels. Since it opened, KUBEC has been widely utilized for the purposes of intercultural communication and information exchange among faculty members, students, alumni, researchers in the EU, public institutions, and private companies.

The annual KUBEC international symposium is an event that has particularly cemented Kobe University’s presence in Europe. Workshops held approximately every month at KUBEC contribute to expanding Kobe University’s academic exchange network and strengthening our collaboration. KUBEC is also a place for students to gather, including Japanese students from Kobe University currently studying in Europe as well as international students who have studied at Kobe University and returned to their home countries.

Another significant benefit to establishing the centre in Brussels is that it allows members of Kobe University to participate in lectures and seminars given at KUBEC via a remote conference system. KUBEC will continue to play a key role as a local base contributing to Kobe University’s strategy in Europe.

SAKAI Kazunari
Executive Director, Kobe University Brussels European Centre


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