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Ken-ichi YOSHIDA

The importance of the relationship between the EU and Japan cannot be emphasized enough. These ties are growing ever stronger, especially since the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) entered into force on February 1, 2019. Kobe University has actively forged ahead in building partnerships with the EU: In 2005 the University took on the role of coordinating institution for the EU Institute in Japan, Kansai (EUIJ-Kansai), in 2010 we established the Kobe University Brussels European Centre, and in 2013 we launched the Centre for EU-Japan Collaborative Education (EJCE). These activities have achieved a trailblazing presence both within Japan and overseas. Since 2011, the Center for EU Academic Collaboration has been playing a pivotal role in coordinating our University’s EU-related strategy.

As advanced nations, not only do the EU and Japan share political, economic, technological and cultural values, we also face many of the same societal challenges. Right now Japan as a whole needs to strengthen its collaboration with European universities, research institutions, educational and governmental bodies, including the European Commission. We must actively advance research and education on common challenges while incorporating Japan-EU comparative perspectives. Kobe University will continue to address these key issues by organizing symposia and workshops at our Brussels European Centre, as well as international conferences in Kobe, and by actively sharing the achievements born from these initiatives.

Ken-ichi YOSHIDA
Executive Director, Centre for EU Academic Collaboration


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