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As globalization progresses, Asian and Oceanian countries are becoming increasingly prominent on the world stage. They have risen dramatically in the world rankings, and are starting to take the lead in various academic fields.

Against this backdrop, and as with many other international relationships, relations between Japanese universities and those in other Asian/Oceanian countries are changing from “vertical” relationships, in which Japanese universities accept students from Asia/Oceania and provide support for them in education and research, to “horizontal” relationships of mutual student exchange and collaborative research.

The growing importance of other universities in the Asia/Oceania region is occasionally reported in Japan as “bad news” and connected to the decreasing visibility of our universities. However, the advancement of Asian/Oceanian universities and research institution is in fact a great opportunity for Japan. Universities in Asia/Oceania are geographically close to Japan and we have a long history of exchange. Their insights and resources continue to produce excellent results, and engaging with these universities will help to raise the standard of education and research in Japan.

Of course this also benefits our universities’ most important members – the students. By gaining access to diverse education and research opportunities, they have a broader choice of potential future paths.

The Kobe University Center for Asian Academic Collaboration, established in 2013, is an institute that oversees exchange between our University and other universities and research institutions in Asia/Oceania. We will continue to support a broad range of exchange opportunities in both education and academia, using our overseas offices: the China Office in Beijing (opened in 2008), the Hanoi Liaison base (since 2004), the Beijing Foreign Studies University International Collaborative Research Base (opened in 2015), the Kobe University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Interdisciplinary Research Base (opened in 2018) and the Kobe University Liaison Office in Perth (opened in 2020). We look forward to your active use and support of the Center.

Director, Center for Asian Academic Collaboration


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