2019 Kobe University Study Program

The program was held to inspire potential exchange students!


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2019 Kobe University Study Program

2019 Kobe University Study Program

2019 Kobe University Study Program

Student Voice

Zheng Yawen (Communication University of China)

This program provided a number of excellent lectures that allowed us to experience classes in a Japanese university. What impressed me most was the lecture on Informatics, which discussed the Robots developed in order to take care of the elderly in light of Japan's aging population, and the recently proposed annuity system. I learned that, faced with the same social problems, each field has its own way of tackling the issues. It was a refreshing experience to be able to talk about one topic with students from different fields.

I also liked the Japanese lessons arranged for this program. We learned how important it is to express ourselves in Japanese. I liked our Japanese teacher for her energy and gentleness, always correcting our mistakes with patience. Apart from this, communicating with international students was the most enlightening part for me. I had been planning to study in Japan, and I learned a lot about studying and working in Japan through these discussions. In addition to classes, this program also organized many study tours. I liked the grandeur of Kiyomizu-dera, the feeling of history at the Osaka Museum of History, and the gentle sea breeze at Port of Kobe. But what I found most amazing were the staff at the Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institute. Their explanation impressed me a lot. It's impossible to ignore the efforts of the Kobe University's faculty and staff, who worked really hard to make my coming to Kobe so smooth, happy, and fruitful. I like Kobe very much for the gentle and salty sea breeze. Every time I walked by the sea, seeing the clouds dyed by the sunset flowing slowly in the sea breeze, I almost forgot myself. Kobe is so beautiful, as well as Kobe University and the people there. It's hard for me to express my love of Kobe in words. I have gained a lot from this great summer program, and I sincerely hope that Kobe University will be able to recruit better and better students and continue to improve the running of this summer program.

Zheng Yawen

Zhang Niya (Zhongnan University of Economics and Law)

First, I would like to say that it's my pleasure to take part in this program. During this program, I have broadened my horizons, made some good friends, and visited several wonderful places, which made me feel fulfilled. When I look back, what I remember most about Kobe city is Kobe University; both the pleasant scenery and the kind professors.

All professors spoke in English to enable us to understand their lectures and, thanks to their efforts, I learned a lot from them. What I found most interesting was the lecture about thrillers. I had never heard such an interesting lecture at my university. Another class I found interesting was a seminar, which is the most popular kind of class at Japanese universities. We Chinese students are usually very afraid to express our own ideas, especially thoughts that are different from the professors; so foreigners often think Chinese students are really shy. But in seminars at Japanese universities, you are free to say anything opposite to what the professors say, and this is the biggest distinction that I found between Chinese universities and Japanese ones. So maybe after this summer study program, I should learn how to confidently express my own opinions in my classes. In addition, the high quality of scientific research being carried out at Kobe University is also their strength. The super computer and the science center on the island were very interesting. Although I am not majoring in science and technology, I could learn a lot about these fields through the visit. Last but not least, I would like to say thanks to Kobe University for providing us with such a good opportunity to experience a campus life in Japan. Without all the staff at Kobe University and their considerate care, we could not have enjoyed such a wonderful journey. All in all, if I have this kind of chance again in the future, I would take part without hesitation. 12 days was too short for me. How I wish to travel to Japan again.

Zhang Niya

Wang Qingzhu (Peking University)

It was my great honor to participate in this year's summer program organized by Kobe University. I was able to listen to excellent professors of Kobe University and have discussions with excellent students from all over the world. I have gained a lot and felt a lot. The success of the program lies in the following points:

1. The curriculum is wide-ranging, mainly in Japanese, including law, economy, international culture and other aspects. Japanese teaching is based on daily discussion, supplemented by textbooks. It is very simple but useful. Communication with other students has also improved my spoken English. Other courses have also given us a lot of information that we didn't know before that is of personal interest to me. 2. There are plenty of tours and visits. I have learned about the different history, customs and cultures compared to China. I could also experience the different cultural habits and architectural styles at Fushimi Inari Taisha and the Osaka Museum of History. This was very meaningful, not only in visiting itself, but in experiencing a different culture. 3. The Fukae Maru ship experience. It is a rare opportunity not only to observe and experience the operation of ship at close range, but to also see the Fukae Maru's internal structure and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Osaka Bay. 4. Interacting with Kobe University international students was very rewarding for me. Senior students shared their experiences of studying abroad. I learned about the language, majors, accommodation and other aspects of studying in Japan, and what preparations should be made. The materials provided by Kobe University for various majors were also very useful. 5. The accommodation is very good. The hotel was clean and, tidy with good service, and it was easy to eat breakfast. The food in the Kobe University cafeteria is also delicious. The last day of the hot spring hotel stay was also a good experience. The farewell dinner was very rich, and the hot springs were also comfortable. I was very happy to participate in this Kobe University summer school. I spent a very happy summer here. Thank you again for your kindness and help. I hope that the Kobe University Summer Program and Kobe University will get better and better.

Wang Qingzhu