Programme Registration Method

Certificate Programme

If you are an undergraduate or a graduate student at one of the three member universities of the EUIJ-Kansai, you may receive an Undergraduate / Graduate Certificate in European Union Studies from the EUIJ-Kansai by completing several requirements. In addition to a bachelor's or master's degree granted by a home university, this certificate is granted by the EUIJ-Kansai to undergraduate or graduate students who have demonstrated desired achievements on EU studies.

Registration Guide (AY2021 Fall semester)

Leaflet for Certificate Programme in EU Studies

Course list (AY2021)


Please refer to the website below.

Credit Transfer Certificate

Registration under credit transfer agreement among three member universities (Auditing students, credits completion) the EUIJ-Kansai now offers EU Studies courses within a framework of credit transfer among the consortium.

Registration form

Registration FormDownload
Registration for the course EXCEL PDF
Registration for the credit-transfer EXCEL PDF

Registration procedure

Students of three universities, who want to register on the EUIJ-Kansai Certificate Programme, should submit the form of "Registration for the course" to EUIJ-Kansai office at own university.
*Students who want to register the course of non-home universities should submit also the form of "Registration for the credit-transfer."
*Students should register the course of home university by themselves within the registration period of each university.

For registration and inquiry

*Registration is accepted only by e-mail.
  • EUIJ-Kansai Kobe University Office (Frontier Hall for Social Sciences 6F)
    *Please replace [at] with @ when sending an email.
  • EUIJ-Kansai Kwansei Gakuin University Office (within the Institute for Industrial Research 3F)
    E-mail: euij-kansai[at]
    *Please replace [at] with @ when sending an email.
  • EUIJ-Kansai Osaka University Office (OSIPP 2F)
    E-mail: euij[at]
    *Please replace [at] with @ when sending an email.

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