Programme Overview

What is the Certificate Programme in EU Studies?

If you are an undergraduate or a graduate student at one of the three member universities of the EUIJ-Kansai, you may receive an Undergraduate / Graduate Certificate in European Union Studies from the EUIJ-Kansai by completing several requirements. In addition to a bachelor's or master's degree granted by your home university, this certificate is granted by the EUIJ-Kansai to undergraduate or graduate students who have demonstrated desired achievements on EU studies.

The Certificate in European Union Studies granted by the EUIJ-Kansai is the largest programme in EU studies in Japan, and compares to the largest of its kind outside Japan. While, obtaining the Certificate does not give you any qualification automatically, studying the law, politics and economics of Europe in this EU studies certificate curriculum authorised by the European Commission will create a firm basis for your future careers in the international arena. In addition, registerd students in this certificate programme are given access to a variety of opportunities that are not available otherwise.

If you seek a career in the international arena, you should certainly have as much international experience as possible while at university. Enrollment in this certificate programme provides you with an opportunity to conduct EU studies from many different approaches and gain many hands-on experiences. Students are also given opportunities to network with leading specialists in various fields, including officials and statesmen from various institutions of the EU, and diplomats and businesspersons from EU Member States.

Libraries of EUIJ-Kansai-member universities, Kobe University, Kwansei Gakuin University and Osaka University, concluded the 'EUIJ-Kansai / University Library Inter-Availability Agreement' on 22 September 2005 in order to contribute to the educational and research activities practiced by EUIJ-Kansai. On 22 September 2008, Extension of this Agreement up to 31 March 2013 was signed. According to this Agreement, teachers in charge of lectures and joint researchers as well as undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Certificates in European Union Studies programs under the system of credit interchangeability between three universities can use the libraries of three universities from 1 October 2005.

Leaflet for Certificate Programme in EU Studies

Undergraduate Certificate Programme

Graduate Certificate Programme

About Research Paper on the EU



social science approach (law, politics, economics, business management, etc.).

Paper Proposed

for Undergraduate students approximately 10,000 letters in Japanese, or approximately 3,500 words in English, French or German.
for Graduate students approximately 20,000 - 40,000 letters in Japanese, or approximately 7,000 - 14,000 words in English, French or German.

Dead line

Those planning to graduate in September: Late in July

Those planning to graduate in March: Early in January

Judges for research paper

Professors of your seminar

Notification for Colloquiam(Only for those planning to graduate in March)

Early in February

Language for Undergraduate students Japanese, English, French or German
for Graduate stundents English, French or German

Ceremony and Colloquium(Only for those planning to graduate in March)

Middle of March

※Outstanding, the paper may be posted on the EUIJ-Kansai website.

Colloquium and Ceremony

past Colloquium and Ceremony Report