About Us

Our Vision

Kobe University is a progressive and open-minded academic institution that believes in striking the best balance between theory and practice. By building on our tradition and by maximizing our multiple cooperation and integration efforts, we aim to become a research & education hub that meets the highest international standards and strives to create new value in order to address the social challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our Idea of Education

Kobe University seeks to encourage the development of future leaders who will be able play an active role in our increasingly globalized world. In order to achieve our purpose, we adopted a strategy aimed to train talented and proactive students who can put themselves and Japan in a global perspective, and to provide them with the social insight, business acumen and world-class professional know-how.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Programs (CIP)

In October 2019, as a part of the above-mentioned strategy, Kobe University established the Center for Interdisciplinary Programs (CIP), a university-wide organization whose objective is to effectively and flexibly promote interdisciplinary education in graduate programs beyond the boundaries of each field of study.

The Econo-Legal Graduate School Program (ELS-G)

At the same time, Kobe University established the Econo-Legal Graduate School Program (ELS-G), an educational program designed to foster Master's and doctoral students with internationally viable skills in specialized research and multifaceted problem-solving. Our students do not only acquire advanced research skills in their respective fields, but they also learn how to identify and solve social problems by approaching them from the multiple angles of legal, political and economic studies, and conduct cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research with practical applications. The ELS-G extends to the graduate level the Econo-Legal Studies Program that the faculty of law and the faculty of economics have been running together for ten years at the undergraduate level.