2. Events


The objective is to disseminate precise information on the EU to local communities. We will organise a series of symposia, seminars, business roundtables, trainings for teachers and journalists in order to provide correct and thorough knowledge on the EU.

Outreach Symposium

Europe Fes@KU

Mini-symposium for high school students [Target group] High school students

[Date & Time] 18th(Tuesday) December, 2018 14:00 - 16:20
[Venue] Sysmex Hall, Kobe University Kusunoki Auditorium 3rd Floor
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[Date & Time] 22nd(Friday) February, 2019 13:25 - 15:40
[Venue] Kinran Senri High School
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Regular Intensive Study Camp on EU issues
[Target group] Bachelor students, Graduate students

[Date & Time] 19th(Wednesday)-28th(Thursday) September, 2018
[Title] Academic English Intensive Course Summer 2018
[Venue] Frontier Hall for Social Sciences, Kobe University
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Training for Trainers [Target group] High school teachers

[Date & Time] 25th (Friday) January, 2019 13:30 - 14:40
[Title] Pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures in Europe and the implications
   for global leaning in Japan
[Venue] Hyogo Prefectural Hall
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Workshops for Journalists [Target group] Journalists

Workshop in 2019
[Date & Time] 14th (Thursday) February, 2019 14:00 - 16:30
[Venue] Kobe University Umeda Intelligent Laboratory, 8F Umeda Gate Tower, Osaka
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Cultural Event

[Date & Time] 19th (Wednesday) December, 2018 12:20 - 13:10 
[Venue] Room 503, Academia Hall 5F, Rokkodai Campus, Kobe Univeristy
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