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The Jean Monnet CoE holds a workshop for journalists

 Kobe University's Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence held a workshop for journalists on Monday March 2, 2020.
 Based on the workshop's theme of "Japan-China-Korea relationships as seen from the EU", lectures were given by Prof. YOSHII Masahiko (Executive Vice President of Kobe University/Graduate School of Economics) and Assoc Prof. KARASHIMA Masato (Graduate School of Intercultural Studies) from an economic viewpoint and a cultural exchange viewpoint respectively.
 Firstly, Prof. Yoshii explained the EU's strategy with regard to China based on a variety of data; examining different aspects such as China's economic development and diplomatic policy in a lecture entitled "Ambivalent attitudes of the EU toward China". In the second lecture entitled "China, Japan and Korea: Considering the cultural diplomacy of the three countries towards Central Eastern Europe", Assoc. Prof. Karashima compared the cultural diplomacy of each of the three countries.
 In the Q&A session after these lectures, the ten attendees asked questions regarding matters such as the relationship between the EU and Russia, and Korea's cultural policy. This led to an active discussion and opinion exchange between the journalists and professors.

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