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Mini symposium for Hyogo Senior High School was held on 23 December, 2019

 On Monday 23 December 2019, Kobe University's Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence organised a Mini Symposium for students of Hyogo Senior High School, which was held at Shinroku Hall, Kobe University Faculty of Medicine. The event was attended by 80 students from Hyogo Senior High School and consisted of two lectures.
 After the opening speech by the High School Principal Kiyonori MASUKAWA, Associate Professor Nobutada FUJII (Graduate School of Science, System Informatics, Kobe University) delivered a lecture entitled "Urban Life Design using System Informatics: Initiatives in Barcelona and Kobe". The lecture explained innovative methods for the creation of smart cities in Barcelona and Kobe. One example was the Superblocks system and its positive impact on environmental sustainability and human health. Another interesting example was the City OS system and city sensors created efficient public services in Barcelona. A part of the lecture also focused on innovative teaching techniques used at the Graduate School of Science and how it differed from traditional high school education in Japan.
 The second lecture entitled "Examining Europe's Refugee Problem and Its Solutions" given by Project Associate Professor Kivilcim ERKAN (Institute for Promoting International Partnerships, Kobe University). The presentation outlined the definition of refugees and their rights under international law, followed by the causes of the 2015 refugee crisis happening in Europe. Lastly, the case of Germany was examined with a particular focus on refugees' integration into the labor market and access to education.
 Students found both lectures very interesting and asked many relevant questions during the Q&A session. Some students also came to ask questions individually at the end of the second lecture about refugee integration in Japanese society.
 The event ended by a closing speech of Professor Taiji HAGIWARA (Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University).

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