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  3. Mini Symposium for Kinran Senri High School Students was held on 23 February, 2017

Mini Symposium for Kinran Senri High School Students was held on 23 February, 2017

 On Thursday 23 February, 2017, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence organised a Mini Symposium for Kinran Senri High School students. The event, which was held at Kinran Senri High School, consisted of three lectures and was attended by more than 180 students of the school.

 First, Mr. Wiktor STANIECKI (Secretary of Political Section at the Delegation of the European Union to Japan) delivered a lecture entitled "The European Union and its Human Rights policy". Next, Professor Minato NAKAZAWA (Graduate School of Health Sciences, Kobe University) gave a lecture entitled "Why does the East Asian fertility decline more rapidly than European?". Finally, Associate Professor Eva HANADA (Centre for EU Academic Collaboration, Institute for Promoting International Partnerships, Kobe University) delivered a lecture entitled "EU: Peace, Prosperity and EU's Place in Today's World".

 Prior to the symposium students had attended EU-related lecture given by the School Principal, Mr. TSUJIMOTO. Thanks to such preparations and the school's constant emphasis on English education, students actively listened to the lectures and raised many relevant questions in English.

 Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence of Kobe University will regularly organise mini symposia for high school students.


Principal Mr. Tsujimoto DSC04487.jpg 

DSC04487.jpg Mr.Wiktor STANIECKI

Prof. Minato NAKAZAWA DSC04530.JPG

DSC04546.JPG Associate Prof. Eva HANADA

Q & A DSC04546.JPG 

DSC04546.JPG Closing remarks by                                    Prof. Taiji HAGIWARA

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