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Academic Coordinator

The academic coordinator supports the KUPES students to find good opportunities to fully enjoy this study programme including their life abroad while studying in Europe. Advice and supports are given in any ways such as via Skype or e-mails as well as by visits to meet with the students during their stay in Europe.

Message from Academic Coordinator Hashida


Dear students, I am Tsutomu Hashida, Academic Coordinator of Centre for International Education Programme Coordination Section.

Before I worked in Brussels, where I was impressed by the introduction of the euro and the enlargement towards Eastern Europe, I faced many challenges in my postgraduate study in London. I had difficulty in learning in English-taught courses and discussion-based classes, as well as in dealing with a lot of preparations and assignments. There were also some issues related to culture shock and safety management.

As your academic coordinator, I am willing to give advice and provide learning support throughout the programme and study abroad so that you will be able to meet various challenges and enjoy studying with your friends and teachers. I am also pleased to help you not only to get knowledge and skills to complete the programme, but also to acquire intercultural experience and competence in order to achieve your professional and personal growth in a global environment.

If you have any questions about KUPES or study in Europe, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail (HashidaC_Email.jpg) or to the Programme Coordination Office (on the 6th floor, Frontier Hall for Social Sciences, Rokko-dai). Please make an appointment by e-mail if you wish to meet in person. I am also glad to see and talk via Skype or video conference system, especially when you are abroad.

The best of luck with your programme.

Kobe University

Center for International Education Program Coordination Section

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