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  3. Europe Fes 2016@KU will be held on 21st July

Europe Fes 2016@KU will be held on 21st July

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We are happy to annouce that "Europe Fes 2016@KU" will be held this coming July 21st as one of the KUPES projects.

For our friends who are interested in visiting Europe, or studying in one of the European counties, feel free to join our "Europe Fes 2016@KU" to get useful information regarding the life of the European people and their cultures!
What is most remarkable about this year's event is that "Europe Fes 2015@KU" had been mainly organized by KUPES students cooperated with SCAA. Your seniors planned very well to provide you information, even while they prepare for their own study abroad programs. Please do not miss this opportunity to ask about anything at all. The Professors and staff who are well knowledgable about each country, as well as senior students who experienced studying in Europe will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Date & Opening hours

July 21st, 2016(Thu)11:30~16:00(Open 11:15~)
  ※come anytime you want!

Tsurukabuto 1st campus(#24 on the map)
What you can enjoy?
Presentation space

Starting with introduction of KUPES and SCAA, Students who had experienced living in each European countries as well as the staff from the european institute will share some useful information that may be useful if you plan to visit Europe.
※european institute・・・Campus France, Institut Francais, CIEE, Instituto Italiano di Cultura, an intern from Netherland Consulate General

<Timetable> ※Please allow us to inform you in case there are minor changes.
11:30  Opening、KUPES・SCAA
11:50  France
12:30  Belgium
12:40  Poland and Eastern Europe
12:50  CIEE
13:05  Germany
13:25  Netherland
13:35  UK
13:45  Italy  
14:10  Spain
14:20  Seminar presented by the Italian firms   
15:55  Closing

Exhibition booths

You will also get the chance to talk to senior students, teachers and staff from the european institution at the each country's exhibition booths! Speak your mind and do not hesitate to ask any question you may have with regards to studying in Europe!

(Exhibition booths list)
  UK、France、Germany、Italy、Belgium、Poland、Eastern Europe、Spain、Netherland    KUPES(Kobe University Programme for European Studies )

A party after Europe Fes 2016@KU

Please join the party after the Fes to interact with the seniors, teachers and staffs! If you would like to participate, please register below!
HERE。(※in Japanese)


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E-mail: intl-prg@office.kobe-u.ac.jp

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