1 June 2017, Thursday 10:30-12:00 "The European Union: A sustainable future?"

EU Institute in Japan - Kansai Open Lecture

Date:1 June 2017, Thursday, 10:30-12:00
Theme:"The European Union: A sustainable future?"
Speaker:Mr. Andrea Boccuni(Advisor on European Affairs, Schuttelaar&Partners)
Venue:Multimedia Room, 3rd floor, OSIPP, Osaka University


Sustainability is a key concept not only in public policy but also in the private sector. Indeed sustainability cannot be envisaged without effective collaboration between public institutions and businesses, and there is a need to connect them and support collaboration by expertise and spirit. The lecture explains the EU's policy making process on sustainability and how voices of stakeholders can be delivered to the process through consultancy. Then the lecture focuses on the EU's strategy on CSR and presents case studies of Unilever and Volkswagen.

◆About the speaker:
Mr. Andrea Boccuni is a consultant at the Schuttelaar&Partners specialized in EU Public Affairs. He designs and implements advocacy strategies representing the clients' interests towards the EU institutions and other stakeholders. He has five years of experience in dealing with health, food, environmental and agricultural policies. He studied political science and international relations at Universita del Salento (BA) and public administration and European governance at Leiden University (MA). His publications include "E-Citizens and the EU Commission: Variation in the share of individuals participating in the Commission's online consultations", European Journal of Comparative Studies (2014). He teaches regularly at the University of Amsterdam, the Wageningen Food Law School and the TIAS School for Business and Society.

The lecture is delivered at the course, History, Institutions and Politics of the European Union.

◆For further information, contact:
Akihisa Matsuno
EUIJ Kansai, OSIPP: matsuno@osipp.osaka-u.ac.jp
Masataka Nakauchi 

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