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EU Debate Club will be held!(December 13rd)
EU Debate Club will be held!(January 17th)
EUIJ-Kansai Seminar "Lecture by Professors from University of Gdansk"(20 September)
EUIJ-Kansai Seminar "Kosovo - a dimond in the rough -"(7 September)
EU Debate Club will be held(5 July)
1 June 2017, Thursday 10:30-12:00 "The European Union: A sustainable future?"
EU Debate Club will be held(14 June)
EU Debate Club will be held(17 May)
EU Debate Club will be held(19 April)
EU Institute in Japan- Kansai Special Open Seminar
EU Debate Club
Kobe University Jean Monnet Chair/EUIJ-Kansais
EU Debate Club★40th Anniversary★
EUIJ-Kansai Seminar"The social consequences of globalization"
EU Debate Club
EUIJ-Kansai Open Lecture "Rhetoric and Responsibility: Japan as a by-stander in the 2015 Rohingya refugee crisis"
Open Lecture "Humanitarian Action Challenges: Non-state Armed Actors, , coordination of international stakeholders, and professionalisation
Special Lecture"The decision of Brexit and its impact on Germanyand the European Union"nbsp;
EU Debate Club
Jean Monnet Chair, Kobe/EU Institute in Japan, Kansai Seminar "Japan-EU FTA/EPA (Free Trade Agreement/Economic Partnership Agreement) "
Osaka University Tekijuku Commenmoration Center, in collaboration with the EUIJ-Kansai
Jean Monnet Chair, Kobe/EUIJ-Kansai Seminar

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