The 10th Colloquium and Ceremony(March 21, 2016)

EUIJ-Kansai held Colloquium and at Kwansei Gakuin University on March 21, 2016.



  • 1. Date: Mon. 21 March 2016, 13:00-18:00
  • 2. Participants: students from three university
  • 3. Presentation
    (1) Language:
    for Undergraduate students: Japanese, English, French or German
    for Graduate stundents: English, French or German
    (2)Time: Presentation⇒ 15 minutes + Qs and As⇒15 minutes
    (3)Manuscript: summary and powerpoint


The Best Deffence of the Year

Yoshihito Nakamuram, Faculty of Law, Kobe University
"Criteria for asylum examination and treatment of the people who had fled from civil war in EU―with Syrian refugee as a start―"

Hyogo EU Association Award

Mizuki Sumikawa, School of Law, Kwansei Gakuin University
"The Role of Norway and Sweden in International Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding: Implications for EU's Policy and Operation"

EUIJ-Kansai Award

Momo Kono, Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University
-An Analysis of How the EU Enlargement Has Affected the Vertical and Horizontal Mobility of Degree-Seekers -"



Prof. Noriyuki Inoue, President of EUIJ-Kansai
Prof. Masahiko Yoshii, Vice-President of EUIJ-Kansai
Prof. Holger Robert Bungsche, Vice-President of EUIJ-Kansai
Prof. Akihisa Matsuno, Vice-President of EUIJ-Kansai

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