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4 July 2015
EUIJ-Kansai Academic Seminar
"Normative Politics in the European Union"

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25 February 2013
EUIJ-Kansai International Seminar on Environment
"Economic Instruments and Renewable Energy in the European Union"

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11 October 2012
EUIJ-Kansai International Workshop
"Ageing Societies in Europe and Japan: Active and Healthy Ageing - Social and Economic Challenges"

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26 November 2011
EUIJ-Kansai 14th International Symposium
"Impact of the Tohoku Earthquake and the accident at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant on energy policies in the EU and Japan"

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22 September 2010
EUIJ-Kansai 10th Workshop
"How to Encounter Demographic Change? -Comparison between The EU and Japan"

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held on 20 September 2008
EUIJ, Kansai 7th International Symposium
"The EU and Japan in the World"

Session 1: "Dialogues on the Environmental Protection between European and Japanese Civil Societies"

  1. "NPO's Role in the Environmental Protection - a Japanese Case -"
    Prof. Masanobu Ishikawa (Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University, Director, "GOMI-Japan")
  2. "P&G's Role in Sustainability Education and Partnership with NGO"
    Mr. Makoto Takada (External Relations Associate Director, Sustainability Program Leader, P&G Japan)
  3. "NPO's Role in the Environmental Protection - a European Case -"
    Ms. Eve Paarendson (President of the Contact Group on Japan, European Economic and Social Committee)

Session2: "The Role of the Euro in the International Financial Regime"

  1. "The Euro, ten years experience"
    Prof. Paul De Grauwe (Catholic University of Leuven)

Session 3: "International Peace and Security"

  1. "The European Union as a Global Security Actor"
    Dr. Adrian Treacher (Lecturer, Politics and Contemporary European Studies, University of Sussex)
  2. "European Security and Defense Policy: Japanese Perspective"
    Associate Prof. Kazuto Suzuki (Graduate School of Public Policies, Hokkaido University)
  3. "Enhancing EU's Contribution to Peace and Security: a Priority for the French Presidency" Ms. Pauline Carmona (Counsellor, Embassy of France in Japan)

held on 10 May 2008
EUIJ, Kansai 6th Workshop
"New Research Horizons of the History of European Integration"

held on 25, 26 January 2008
European Studies Round Table
"Teaching the EU in Asia - Challenges and Solutions: Institutional, Curricular and Methodological Issues"

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held on 9 December 2006
EUIJ, Kansai 3rd Workshop
"The EU Accession of Two New Member States: Comparison of Poland and Romania"

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held on 25 November 2006
EUIJ, Kansai 4th Symposium
"Corporate Governance in EU and in Japan"

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Newspaper Articles

High School Students Given EU Class(Asahi Shinbun, 24 February 2011)

*English translation of the original article reproduced with the permission of Asahi Shinbun. Underlined part was added by the EUIJ-Kansai.

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