2. Current Programs

Current Programs

Studying Europe

Programme for European Studies (KUPES)

KUPES provides an integrated and structured curriculum for students from B2 to master’s level. It enables students to refine their research abilities on the EU’s legal, political, economic and sociocultural aspects from both specialised and interdisciplinary perspectives. During this process students will also gradually acquire advanced language skills. As part of the course students study at a partner university in the EU for half a year or one year as exchange students at undergraduate level, and/or for a full academic year with the aim of obtaining two master’s degrees from both Kobe and European universities. Through this overseas study experience, students are expected to foster multifaceted perspectives, broaden their international network and expand their future career prospects.

ICI-ECP EU-Japan Advanced Multidisciplinary Master Studies (EU-JAMM)

EU-Japan Advanced Multidisciplinary Master Studies (EU-JAMM) is a project which includes 10 universities from Japan and Europe. Selected master’s students are hosted at one of the counterpart universities in the EU or Japan for at least a full academic year to pursue a second master’s degree, resulting in a double degree qualification. EU-JAMM produces students with strong comparative analytical skills and multidisciplinary perspectives who are capable of building bridges between the EU and Japan. This program will complete sending the students on 2016, and the next opportunity is under investigation as an individual double degree program.

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (JMCoE)

Kobe University was selected as a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence in September 2018, with three year’s grant support by European Union.
In order to further raise the profile of the European Union within Japan, we are reaching out to university students and researchers as well as to high school students, teachers, business experts and journalists by conducting activities such as symposiums, seminars and workshops.

Certificate Programme in EU Studies

Undergraduate or graduate students at one of the three member universities of the EUIJ-Kansai can receive the Undergraduate/Graduate Certificate in European Union Studies from the EUIJ-Kansai by completing the required EU-related courses. This certificate is granted by the EUIJ-Kansai as evidence of students’ achievements in EU studies in addition to a bachelor's or master's degree granted by their home university.

Studying Asia

Program for Careers as Risk Management Experts in East Asia (CAMPUS Asia)

A consortium formed by Kobe University’s Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS), China’s Fudan University School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA), and South Korea’s Korea University Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) conducts the "Program for Careers as Risk Management Experts in East Asia" (Re-Inventing Japan Project). This program aims to offer cooperative education programs to train “risk management experts” working in an international capacity.
Master’s degrees (International Studies, Economics, Politics, and Law) are awarded to Kobe University students upon completion of the program. Double-degree program agreements among the three universities make it possible to earn degrees from two universities during the course of this program.

Education of Global Medical and Health Science Leaders in the Coming Generation in Cooperation and Collaboration with ASEAN Countries

"Education of Global Medical and Health Science Leaders in the Coming Generation in Cooperation and Collaboration with ASEAN Countries" (Re-Inventing Japan Project) educates medical and health science students who aim to become physicians, researchers, educators and specialists. The students are trained to become global leaders with practical communication skills in English and the ability to solve urgent problems in ASEAN countries. As part of this program, a variety of student exchange programs such as short term visits, accreditation courses and degree programs are organized in collaboration with ASEAN countries.

Studying Japan

Kobe University Educational Program on Current Japan (KU-EPOCJ)

The Kobe University Educational Program on Current Japan is an English/English&Japanese-taught course newly established in April 2016. It is open to exchange students at both undergraduate and graduate (Master's) levels. This course focuses on current issues in Japan covering a broad range of disciplines, including social sciences, humanities, and advanced science and technology subjects for cutting-edge research as well. Providing opportunities for a broader understanding of Japan from various perspectives, this English/English & Japanese-taught program can be combined with students' own special field at each Faculty and Japanese language classes at the Kobe University Center for International Education. Certification will be provided based on credit acquisition.

Programs for International Students

Short-Term Programs

Our original programs, designed mainly for students enrolled in universities outside Japan, provide an exclusive experience in high-level courses on Japanese language and society, together with unique opportunities to experience Japanese culture outside the classroom.
In addition to our original programs, we collaborate with universities inside and outside Japan, to implement joint programs.

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Current Programs

Programs to study Europe

Programs to study Europe

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Programs for International Students