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In the Educational Goals of the Charter on Education, Kobe University aims to "foster individuals who have an appreciation for diverse values, deep understanding of other cultures and excellent communication skills." Our Vision established in April 2015 also declares that "Kobe University will dramatically enhance its function as a ‘hub campus’ that attracts talented personnel from around the world and equips students with an international perspective".

In order to pursue these goals while strengthening and expanding support for an international education system, in April 2016 the International Educational Center, the EU Institute in Japan, Kansai and the Centre for EU-Japan Collaborative Education (EJCE) merged into a university-wide section: the Center for International Education. As the Program Coordination Section within this Center, we develop and promote education programs which reflect the unique international character of Kobe University.

As part of our collaboration with the European Union, a key region in the University’s global strategy, we are focusing on building strong connections between several EU education programs within Kobe University. We also support education programs which cover areas outside Europe, focusing particularly on programs that involve interdisciplinary collaboration between multiple faculties and graduate schools and programs that can be implemented throughout the University. As well as offering opportunities for Kobe University students to study abroad, this includes programs for incoming students such as the “Kobe University Education Program on Current Japan (KU-EPOCJ)”.

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Gianluca GATTA

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Yoshiko KOISHI

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