I am pleased to say that our students are very happy to study at a good university as Kobe that has many strong graduate schools and faculties. Sometimes, however, it seems to me that they are walking in a huge maze. Although the place where what they really want to study exists is just a few yards from the place where they currently are, they are getting away from there just because the two places are separated by a wall. What we call a university has many disciplines that are able to open up the students’ futures. However, it is merely a college if no device exists that is able connect the students with the relevant disciplines. The CIP, or the Center for Interdisciplinary Programs is such a device to achieve one of the most important goals in a university, i.e., Cultivating students’ Intellectual Possibilities (CIP) through what only the universities can do for the students. In concrete terms, the following three CIP’s will make it real:

  Connecting Interesting Persons
  Combining Inspiring Programs
  Co-educating International Professionals

“The oak sleeps in the acorn,…” (James Allen) Can you imagine all the intelligence need to be a big oak resides in a small seed that is inside an acorn? We have just sown a seed and been running one education program. Yet, the CIP will someday grow into a gigantic tree the gentle shadow of which will cover the entire university in the near future. We will surely reap a lot of wonderful talents, who are shinning everywhere in this globe, from the tree.

Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Programs